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Yaengard is a tabletop-style RPG that brings dice RPGs into a digital roguelike adventure. Combine +150 unique abilities, endless equipment, +20 classes, and personality traits into something truly powerful. Evolve your party of villagers into adventurers and reach the citadel of Yaengard. See it on Steam!

On release, Yaengard will be available to PC, but we have plans to port the game to several other platforms if it is well received. Between you and I, Nintendo Switch would be sweet. But VR would be truly cool. 

We are – Planeshift Interactive. We are a two-person studio from Stockholm Sweden who loves RPG games. Will is running design & writing, with a background in engineering (and +10 years of RPG game masterin’), while Seeb is a unity-veteran developer through-and-through, having worked at Resolution Games making VR games.

Currently, we’re focusing on making the single player experience excellent. After the release we plan on keep pushing updates — only the divine knows what crazy ideas we’ll provide for free then. 

The best way of contacting us is through our discord (click here). Alternative ways are by email (Planeshiftinteractive@gmail.com) or on Twitter @Planeshifters (click here). 

Not a question but appreciated all the same!

Best way to help is to join our discord (here) and chat with us about it — many other adventurers have helped a ton! On the discord we read ALL ideas and feedback that you send and discuss with the others.

Second best way is to Wishlist the game on Steam, so you get important updates and especially a notification when the game is released. 

Absolutely! We love it when streamers and Youtubers to share footage of themselves playing our game.
If you need visuals and media for editing or thumbnails, check out our presskit (click here) to get all of that. You have our permission to use any Yaengard-related assets you can access!

All monetization is also encouraged — creating content is hard and should not be made harder than needed.

Game: Yaengard


Who will you become to triumph? A turn-based RPG where your personality traits change your powers and proficiencies. Combine personality traits, rare weapons, and 20+ classes into endless team compositions; combos & builds are the keys to surviving your long journey towards Yaengard.

Strategy, Lore, & Deep combo-oriented strategy!

Check it out here!

Are you press, blogger, or other media?  – Download our presskit here! – 

Are you player?  – Find Yaengard here! –

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From the tabletop to digital multiplayer, we love all gaming. But have you ever played something you love, found it flawed, and told yourself: “I could do better”?; that is what we are doing. Doing it better.

By leveraging our own toolkit-based development method we can lower the delay between brainstorming and our players enjoying the features. That lets us focus on testing unique concepts people want but no one ever built, truly delivering what we ourselves would love.

Planeshift Interactive will build interactive worlds that lets our players truly suspend disbelief and leave reality behind.

Toolkit-leveraged development lets us accelerate our production cycles. The more worlds we build, the faster we finish the next one.
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