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About Yaengard

Who will you become to triumph? A turn-based RPG where your personality traits change your powers and proficiencies. Combine personality traits, rare weapons, and 20+ classes into endless team compositions; combos & builds are the keys to surviving your long journey towards Yaengard.


– From peasants to heroes

– Shape their personalities by your choices

– Find and use hundreds and hundreds of rare powers

– Design complex combos & the ultimate builds

– Strategic & complex combats

– Explore the narrative; world & storytelling


Yaengard is a turn-based party RPG, inspired by classic TTRPG’s such as Dungeons & Dragons. In Yaengard, the personalities of your adventurers change everything — from their powers to the choices they can make. Design your builds and combos with the endless rare items you find, the classes you’ll embody, and the personalities you gain!

Core Features

The Trait System – Your decisions change who you are, unlocking new powers. Who will you become before the end of your journey?

Builds & Combos – Design your own style, and prove it unstoppable! Endless build options and party combinations with personality traits, rare weapons, powerful trinkets, and anything else you’ll encounter in your journey.

Replayability – Massive variety with hundreds and hundreds of armors, weapons, classes, perks, locations, and encounters. 

Storytelling – Follow the story of the fall of the Aatanic empire and the unlikely rise of adventurers, with a rich world to discover, colorful characters to meet, and difficult choices to make.

Impactful Choices – Select your own way to Yaengard; will you take fatal risks, or will you walk the safe but slow way around? Your decisions will be everything.

Classic Tabletop RPG-style gameplay –  Travel, encounters, and dialogue choices with real rewards and consequences.

About Planeshift Interactive

Planeshift Interactive is a two-man indie game studio creating games that explore new worlds. Founded in late 2020 by Will Wadbrant and Sebastian Broström in Stockholm, Sweden. Our first game, Yaengard, is set to be released in early 2022; a roguelike RPG where personality traits & unique abilities define your adventuring party. The RPG genre has gotten stuck in old ideas — Planeshift Interactive aims to find what new ideas work and what old ideas should be tossed to the wolves.